We went to Rajun Cajun Festival yesterday at downtown, we sure had fun there, lots of people lots of drinks. The weather was okay at noon but than the rain fall right after we finish our crawfish bucket hehehe, we ran to our car and thankfully we made it in time just before the heavy rain drop.

Latest Crafts 04/07/2009

Hello again, i just wanna share latest crafts that i made a week ago, i put the pic on the gallery, only one of them though (fishing basket). The other crafts were 2 jars with blue flowers on it and the AKA shield. I haven't put the pics here, sorry it needs a little bit retouch on the background coz my husband took the pic in the kitchen floor :-) I will put them here very soon.
Oh yeah i am gonna start to paint again, this time I'm trying new technik still with acrillic paint mix with medium to make it thicker and give texture on the painting, I know it's not new for other artist but it is for me :-) but i haven't find a good idea theme for my painting, I was thinking women or nature beach since it's almost summer. I can't wait, hope it will turn good :-) 

First Post! 04/07/2009
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